Frequently Asked Questions

What you might want to know about One & All

Yes, because the product contains at least 98% of natural ingredients, which are very gentle. As a result, they can be used interchangeably. Each Formula is developed to offer maximum performance in activities: the Sporty formula helps remove odor, sweat and germs, while the Swimmer formula focuses on removing chlorine and chemicals from the swimming pool.

Yes, One & All is suitable for people of all ages. Our R&D team has developed formulas from natural ingredients that are gentler than other cleaning products for babies in the market.

Our products are fragrance-free but we use essential oils for scents. These naturally-derived oils have therapeutic benefits as well.

Yes, One & All products are officially registered by the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our manufacturing processes are guaranteed by international standards ISO 9001: 2015 and GMP compliance by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) control.

One & All Traveler can be used as a makeup remover if you wear light makeup. For waterproof makeup and mascara or full makeup looks, we recommend that you remove makeup with specialized cleansing products before using One & All Traveler to double-cleanse.

Yes, you can use any formula as a daily cleanser. One & All’s formulas are more gentle than typical body cleansing products and they are head-to-toe cleansers, meaning that you can use them with your face, hair and body. If you prefer the tube format, One & All Traveler might be your choice, but if you have an outdoor and sporty lifestyle, One & All Sporty is the better choice.

Of course. SOS can be used by adults and children aged 3 years or more.  One & All SOS, which is a cooling gel, promotes blood circulation and helps balancing, soothing and relaxing the muscles with its complex of 7 essential oils. This cooling gel is ideal for targeted treatment of tiredness all over the body, especially after outdoor activities and sun exposure (not suitable for the face).

Sun Smart is suitable for people who like products that are fast and easy to use or children who do not like lotions. (Suitable for children aged 2 years and above. It is advised not to spray the product directly on the face but rather on the hands, then rub gently on the face (avoid eye area). Sun Fun is perfect for those who need a more gentle formula and have sensitive skin. It can be used with young children aged 6 months or more.

We have developed the tube cap that can properly punch the hole through the seal. This is to prevent leakage and reduce contamination as much as possible.

One & All products are available at the following distributors. You can also contact us via Facebook, Instagram, Line, Lazada and Shopee.